This 1935-45 Roll of Honour for Thornley Colliery has been compiled from the database of World War Two casualties held by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, cross referenced against the names inscribed on the Thornley War Memorial. A close up of the 1939-45 panel of the Memorial is at right and immediately below is the Addendum Panel placed there in 2005 with several additional names.

(Note of the names listed on the Addendum panel, Spr R Monk was a postwar casualty with the BAOR and Pte J Gaskell died in Northern Ireland in 1973.)

For general views of the Thornley War Memorial click on the images at right.

Additional information for this listing has been gathered by researching various local newspapers and archive sources. The date of each newspaper reference, where one has been found, is included in each entry. Thanks in particular to The Sunderland Echo for permission to use the small casualty photos which originally appeared in various wartime editions of that paper. Also special thanks are due to to Owen Rowland and Fred Bromilow for researching and fixing the identities of several casualties on the Thornley War Memorial, most notably I Bates, Thomas Hall, J Moore and P Robinson.

An earlier version of this listing has appeared in the 2008 book by the Wheatley Hill History Club,

The Employees of Thornley, Wheatley Hill and Ludworth, Their Contribution to the Second World War 1935-45.

This is still a work in progress. I have devoted a page to each casualty. Some have very little information at present but I will be adding further details and photographs as time permits.

Listing last updated 17/3/16

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Anderson, Able Seaman John

Atkinson, Pte J

Avery, Sgt J

Bates, Pte Isaiah

Blakemore, Chief Petty Officer William

Bonar, Chief Officer Joseph

Burrell, Pte John

Gair, L/Cpl Edward

Gott, Pte William

Greener, Thomas Tyro

Hall, L/Cpl Thomas

Heads, Flt Sgt Robert

Hoole, Sgt William Gladsone

Humble, Gunner John Jones

Hutchinson, Guardsman William

Kell, Sgt Henry

Lee, Telegraphist Thomas

Long, Sgt Charles Richard

Madrell, Pte Joseph 7266806

McEnaney, LAC John

Moore, Marine J

Parker, Flt Sgt (Pilot), John

Parsons, Second Steward John James

Peacock, Gunner William

Piercy, Gunner John

Plant, Cpl Frederick Smith MM

Pluck, Joseph

Pugh, Fred Royal Navy

Renwick, L/Cpl David Leslie

Robinson, Trooper George Edward

Robinson, P

Scott, Sgt Thomas

Tarn, Ordinary Signalman George

Thomas, Able Seaman Richard Alan

Thornley Colliery, 1939-45 Roll of Honour in Detail

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